Committed to Breeding Sustainability for today and the future

Sustainability CrestAviagen® supplies top-quality breeding stock to customers worldwide so they can offer a sustainable, affordable and nutritious protein source to their markets and put food on the table of their growing communities. As part of Breeding Sustainability, we take our role in the food chain seriously, with a balanced breeding program and customer support that make commercial chicken production environmentally responsible as well as economically beneficial. The welfare of our chickens is and has been a priority with Aviagen for decades and will be so going forward. It is a cornerstone of Breeding Sustainability. We share proof of our efforts and results and enter the dialogue in cooperation with our customers and associations to answer social needs and expectations.

In this video, Anne-Marie Neeteson, VP of Welfare and Compliance for Aviagen Group, talks about our Breeding Sustainability approach.

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Three Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today without compromising the future. It is founded on three pillars: Environmental, Economic and Social.

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  • Environmental

    Aviagen breeds efficiencies that minimize the ecological impact of food production. Due to our balanced breeding approach, we have succeeded in improving the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), or the rate at which the chicken converts feed into body weight, and FCR has proven to represent the greatest environmental advantage of all broiler production traits.

  • Economic

    According to the International Poultry Council (IPC), the economic pillar enables “poultry companies, producers and allied industries to thrive in a sustainable manner, while adhering to the principles of food security and improved human nutrition." Aviagen’s breeding efficiencies optimize business returns, ensuring the economic success of our customers and making chicken production an attractive proposition for future growers.

  • Social

    Social Sustainability is about taking care of animals and people. The social pillar focuses on animal welfare, food safety and security. Aviagen promotes social sustainability by permanently and continuously improving the welfare of our bird populations, caring about our birds, our customers and the people in the communities they serve.