Aviagen has a successful balanced genetic selection program that consistently promotes simultaneous improvements in health, production, environmental impact, reproduction, robustness, food security, health and welfare, and sustainability. We ensure our birds are provided with the highest quality care and welfare standards. We continue to improve livability and general health in our birds as we advance their performance in a responsible manner. As a result of our extensive research and welfare programs, we further expand our knowledge and expertise of their feeding, nutritional, physical, management and environmental needs and the effect these factors have on the overall good health of the birds. Aviagen shares this expert knowledge and flock management practices with customers to promote the best health, welfare, and performance for all generations of Aviagen stock.


  • Holistic approach to well-being.

    As with humans, animal well-being includes both physical and mental health. To strengthen both, we treat our birds with care and respect.

  • Welfare training and awareness.

    Everyone who works for us understands the influence they have on the welfare of our birds and is well trained in looking after their unique needs.

  • Continuous improvement.

    We continuously improve our knowledge of how we manage our birds as their needs and environments evolve and share the latest findings with our customers.

  • Accountability.

    Our welfare program is audited both internally and externally to provide assurance that the birds’ needs are met.

  • Five Freedoms.

    Our birds are given (1) fresh water, (2) feed (3) proper handling (4) health care and (5) an environment appropriate to their needs.

  • Three Essentials of Stockmanship.

    With care, responsible management and training we strive to provide a framework to meet the needs and wants of the birds, in line with the Three Essentials of Stockmanship.